Add Value Renovation Fixer Upper Auction Property November 2021

Add Value Fixer Upper Auction Property For Renovation

November 2021
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Renovation Default Specification

Renovating any of the Properties listed below assumes that your Default Renovation Specification will include the Renovation Default Work & Materials opposite (when applicable). Professionally installed, not DIY, and complying or meeting with current Planning & Building Regulations. Any Comments we make are based on these assumptions


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Auctions, Listed in Date Order, have at least 5 Qualifying Properties
Five Properties provide Investor Buyers with Choice and Increased Bidding Success
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Each Property has Comments on Features that may “Add Value” to a Renovation Specification and should be investigated. 
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Ideal For BRR & NMLI Strategies

All With EPC E, F or G Ratings
Note: EPC F & G Rated Homes Cannot Legally Be Let


Renovation Default Materials

Central Heating – Complete System

Boiler – Condensing Boiler

Windows & Doors – Double or Triple UPVC Glazing

Insulation EPC – Sufficient to Achieve EPC C Rating

Main “Add Value” Features

That we include/list do not constitute any form of Guarantee or Recommendation regarding the Suitability or Fitness For Purpose of any Add Value Feature in Any Specific Property.

Expert Advice on Feature Suitability is available with our Initial Pre-Auction Due Diligence Appraisal. 


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