The BRRRRS Strategy With Auction Property

Buy – Renovate – Rent – ReFinance – Recycle – Sell

Un-Modernised EPC E, F or G Auction Property

For Tax-Free Rent & Tax-Free Capital Gains Each Year

With Our Affordable Auction Property Due-Diligence Reports

Examples of UnModernised Properties For Auction 

Buy, Renovate & Rent any of the Un-Modernised Properties in the Map or in the Monthly Auction Property Lists and enjoy a Tax-Free Income for Years


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     GOLD – This Month’s Lots     PURPLE – Next Month’s Lots    GREEN – Results
BLUE – UnSold or Withdrawn

This is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme but brings together Tried & Tested Property Investment Strategies

Yes, you really can legally enjoy Tax-Free Income for Years from your Buy-To-Let Portfolio starting This Year.
Find an Un-Modernised, Distressed but Not Derelict, EPC E, F or G Rated Property in our Monthly Auction Property Lists
Carry Out Thorough Due Diligence With Our Affordable Due-Diligence Reports
Bid & Buy At The Final Bid Price Worked Out By By Our Multi-Variable Maximum Bid Calculator
Renovate & Modernise to a High Standard for a Quick & Reliable Rental or Sale
Rent to Tenants wanting an Assured-Shorthold Tenancy for 6 to 24 Months
Release Capital by Re-Financing the Increased Renovated Value
Recycle the Released Capital & Repeat The BRRRRS Strategy

Renting Establishes the Property as a Buy-to-Let Investment

After 1 or 2 Years when the Tenant naturally moves on
Sell to a First-Time Buyer wanting a Recently Renovated Quality Home


Year-on-Year Expanding Portfolio of High Cash-Flow Properties

Reduced or Zero Tax Payable on your Portfolio Rental Income
Repeat the Strategy by Re-Financing after Renovation & Renting to release most if not all of Your Cash for Recycling into your Next Property. (No 6-month rule)
Rent for 6 to 24 Months and Sell when the Tenant voluntarily vacates
Sell at least 1 Property Each Year to Collect your Annual Per Owner CGT Exemption
(A Property can have Multiple Owners, Each Owner can claim an Annual CGT Exemption)

How Is This Possible?

Buy Un-Modernised  EPC E, F or G Rated Property & Modernise to Achieve Minimum EPC C Rating (Future-Proofing).

Modernising EPC E, F or G Rated Property involves extensive Renovation, Repair & Improvement
The Renovation & Repair Costs, generally over 65% of the Total Cost, are Deducted from the Rental Profit Before Tax is Assessed
Most Repair Costs equal Years of Rental Profit. Rental Income Tax is Not Payable until you have set off all the Repair Costs against the Rent Profit carrying forward any Tax Losses
Any Improvement Costs, Capital Costs that are generally around 35% of the Total Renovation Cost, are Deducted from the Sale Profit, less your Annual CGT Exemption, before CGT is Assessed

For Details on How to Make The BRRRRS Strategy Work for You Safely

With Our Affordable Auction Property Due Diligence Reports


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