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To Eliminate Any Risk In Buying 
Fixer Upper Auction Property
For BRR Strategies.
To View Over 200 New Fixer Upper Properties
Listed Each Month
Including Auctioneer Details, No Card Required
21 Add Value Fixer Uppers for
Profitable BRR Investments with
Affordable Due Diligence Checklists in
Barnard Marcus Auction 13 & 14 April 21
Fixer Upper, EPC’s E, F or G
Bespoke Add Value Video Previews
Affordable 5-Part Auction Due Diligence Checklists
with Legal Pack Checks from £35
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BRR Strategy Auction Properties

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 ********** NEW FEATURE **********

NEW FEATURE ********** Add Value Fixer Upper Renovation Previews ********** NEW FEATURE

Add Value Fixer Upper Renovation Preview Properties are:
  • UnModernised,
  • Have Low EPC Ratings,
  • Are being Sold at Auction
  • Would make a Good Fixer Uppers or BRR  Projects, subject to Due Diligence.

Add Value Fixer Upper Renovation Previews are UnRehearsed & UnEdited and run for about 7 Minutes so please excuse the um’s, ah’s & pauses.

Add Value Fixer Upper Renovation Previews are all about Features:
      • Features which, following a Quality Renovation, will help To Improve or Add To The Value of the Property by more than the Cost of the Fix Up Renovation.
      • Features that Down-Value a Property particularly if the Down-Value Feature cannot be Fixed.
      • Some Features are obvious, better light in South & West Facing Rooms, others, maybe not so, the benefit of having Bathrooms adjacent to Bedrooms and on the Same Floor.
      • Down-Value Features need pointing out – Next to Shops, Busy Pubs, Parking Restrictions, dreaded Double-Yellows, in fact, anything Antisocial.

What Do You Think – Can, Will The Property make A First Choice Home for both Tenant & 1st Time Buyer?

Even with a Fix & Flip Strategy, Buyers want a Rent Option.


  • A Thumbs Up means More Due Diligence, Thumbs Down gets the Bin.
  • Either way we publish the Preview on YouTube.

If You think it is a Thumbs Up then, we can help you with our Unique Affordable Due Diligence

Starting With: 

A Pre-Auction Property Viability Appraisal

Finishing With

A Legal Pack Check and Forensic Analysis plus Last-Minute Updates & Amendments.

All the time we are looking for Lightbulb or Out-of-the-Box Moments to Flag Up:

Improvement Opportunities, not necessarily seen, appreciated, or valued by other Bidders.

Potential Problems again not necessarily seen, appreciated or the ramifications understood by other Bidders. Needles in Haystacks

Add Value Home Fixer Upper Reviews are a Membership Benefit.

NEW Add Value Fixer Upper Reviews on an UnModernised Property listed in a Future Auction are published most days.

Click To Join Today at £9.95 pcm and Enjoy 7 Free Days of Membership.

Then take a look at the many ways of Improving The Value of UnModernised Property from Relocating a Bathroom from Ground To 1st Floor without Sacrificing a Bedroom or Reducing The Cost of Painting Using White BSNo Paint.

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Location & 200m Vicinity Virtual Tours
Multi-Variable Maximum Bid Calculators
Virtual Tour Surveys
Property Virtual Tour Survey
ReDesigned Floorplans
Re-Designed Layouts & Floorplans
Auction Legal Pack
Legal Pack Checks


To Eliminate Any Risk in Buying 

UnModernised Auction Property

for a BRRRRS Strategy. 

NEW, Unique, AFFORDABLE Auction Property Due Diligence Reports

Why Develop

New, Unique, Affordable

Auction Property Due Diligence Reports?

Generally, more than 1 Buyer bids for a Specific Property at Auction.
Because a Buyer can be OutBid, Buyers Shortlist more than one Property to Bid On at Auction.
As Bespoke Due Diligence Costs quickly mount up if a Buyer Shortlists a Number of Properties to Bid On and Pays the Bespoke Price for Each Due Diligence Report.


How Does The MPA Service Work?

Why Is The Price So Affordable?

Master Property Auctions prepares up to 5 Different Original Due Diligence Reports for a Member on each Shortlisted Property in a Future Auction. 
Then, Master Property Auctions makes Duplicates of the same Due Diligence Reports available at the Same Affordable Price to other Members interested in the Same Property.
Because the Original Member Doesn’t Lose Out, an Original Report doesn’t include Confidential Content that could give a Member a Bidding Advantage over Another Member.
A Bidding Advantage comes with Our Personal, Strategy Sensitive, Confidential,  Bespoke Advice for a Member
With Our Auction Property
Due Diligence Reports,
No One Pays the Full Bespoke Price
But Everyone Can Still
Want Personal Strategy-Sensitive
Bespoke Advice & Support
about Your Chosen Lot?

Talk To Us Via Zoom at £1.00 Per Minute
including an Audio/Visual Recording




1-Mile Radius Location Map & 200m Vicinity Virtual Tour   £59
 Multi-Variable Maximum Bid Calculator & 3-Year Income & Capital Projection   £79
Virtual Tour Property Survey    £79
Single Floor ReDesigned Layout & Floorplan     £99
Legal Pack Check Report (Freehold)     £99
Supplement If Leasehold     £99
When You Click the Order Button
You will be asked to Save a Zip File to your Desktop.
Save & Open the Zip File.
Included is Help on Completing Your Order
& Emailing the Form to Master Property Auctions.
Stay Safe with a Complete Set of
5 Affordable
Due Diligence Reports for
Saving Another £40


And Pay Member’s 5-Report Price of


(£35 Per Report)
Saving £240
All Reports Costs & Membership Fees are Tax Deductible
MPA Affordable Auction Property Due-Diligence Reports have been designed and developed for Investors in our BRRRRS or similar BRR Strategies
Email for full details of what you can expect with these exciting New Affordable Auction Property Due-Diligence Reports or.
Call Me, David Humphreys on (07970 028539) for 1 to 1 Support/Advice/Mentoring or just for more Information.
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