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3-Bed Terraced House, Add Value Grnd Floor Bathroom Re-Location, BRR Renovation Floorplan.

Original Layout: G Floor – 2 Rooms with Windows leading to Kitchen through to Bathroom, Staircase rising to Half-Landing on Back Wall.

   1st Floor – 2 Double & 1 Single Bedroom off Landing.

Brief: Relocate Ground Floor Bathroom to 1st Floor without reducing Number of Bedrooms

Internal Footprint – 7m (23ft) * 4.4m (14’7”)

© David Humphreys 2021

This is the 1st Add Value Unmodernised Property Floorplan that I designed to relocate a Ground Floor Bathroom to the 1st Floor without sacrificing a Bedroom.
To achieve this Layout the Internal Dimensions excluding the Rear Extension, must be at least 7 m Long/Deep by 4.4 m Wide
When physically Speed-Viewing, these Measurements can be checked in seconds using a Laser Distance Meter leaving more time for other Advisable Due Diligence Checks.
Provided that you are always going to Refurb to the same Specification, Cookie-Cutter Strategy, and that the Property will need a standard Full Gut, Advisable Due Diligence applies to checking for costly Refurb Works that will significantly Reduce your Maximum Bid if they prove necessary such as Reroofing or Underfloor Insulation.
It may also find that the Length is a few inches short so you would need time to find the few inches you need to make the Floor Plan Design work. There is generally little you can do about finding extra Width Inches as in a Terraced House you are restricted by the Adjoining Properties.
Length/Depth Inches can possibly be found by recessing into thick Rear Stone Walls (bath) or fixing a Front Door to an internal Open Porch (entrance lobby).
Every centimetre in 70/85 m² Housing has value if you are to make best use of the space in your Property, so click here for some of the Extra Space Tips & Tricks that I have come up with over the years.

Add Value Terraced House


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