Regional Addendums are designed to collate information on the hundreds of mini-markets that make up the UK Property Market.

A Region can range from a large geographical area, South-East England, which will be very different to North-West England, down to a city or town in the large area and then a distinctive identifiable area within the city/town, for example the “student” area which would justify a LIP Report, an article about the Local Investment Potential written by an active local investor/landlord with property in the LIP district.

Each LIP Report is restricted to between 3,000 & 5,000 words. This limitation will help dictate the number of different LIP’s in an Addendum.

Invariably each Addendum will include a LIP written about the investment potential of the County Town, but it may be that, by virtue of the size of the County Town or property market activity, the County Town, or another district, will justify more than one LIP. This will almost certainly apply to London and other large conurbations.

Reading (Berks) is a good example of a County Town which will justify at least two LIP’s if only because there are two very different letting markets, Family Housing & HMOs.

In addition, the Berkshire County Addendum will include LIP’s on other districts in Berkshire such as Bracknell & Sandhurst, Slough, Newbury & Thatcham, Windsor & Maidenhead.

In most Counties, in addition to the County Town, there are generally 2 or 3 more towns that would, at first sight, justify a LIP. The final decision on whether to write a LIP will be made after discussions with the Auctioneer who is strongest in that district.

Addendum’s, including LIP’s will be updated at least annually. The BAP e-Magazine, which is a single quarterly national e-magazine, will also include LIP Updates that max at 500 words.

If you are a Landlord/Investor and would like to contribute and help develop this knowledge base please email