Master Property Investment

To Master Property Investment, you need to develop a range of skills. The 1st three are Number-Crunching, Due Diligence & CAD Floorplans.

These skills can either be Mastered through Online Tutorials & Webinars or through more conventional Conference Room Training.

Number-Crunching. Regardless of your Strategy, every Property Investment involves carrying calculations which includes Variables that can affect the result and viability of your Strategy. It is not a simple question of 2+2=4.

Example: When Investing in Property, you can either Buy with Only Your Cash or, uniquely for investors, Combine Your Cash with Borrowings, a Mortgage.

With 50k as the Deposit you can buy a property costing any amount from 50k to 250k.

Mortgages involve Interest Payments and the amount you can borrow can be restricted by the monthly Interest/Rent Payment Ratio.

All involve a lot of number-crunching and to help you Master the Number-crunching, I have designed 17 Single-Topic Blueprints which you can download from this site, Free of Charge.

Having Mastered our Single-Topic Blueprints you can move on and start trialling different Strategies with our Multi-Topic, and in some cases Multi Page, Analysers.

Unlike the Free-Of-Charge Blueprints, Analysers do cost, but not a lot, even the daddy of them all, the 17 page Fully Interactive, you never enter the same data twice, Auction Property Deal & Fix-Up Analyser only costs £99.

Due Diligence. Regardless of your Investment Strategy, thorough Due Diligence of four elements is essential. Location, Property, Customer (Prospective Buyers & Tenants) & Funding.

If your Strategy involves Fix-Up or Improvement, more Due Diligence will be needed, possibly covering Planning, almost always covering Building Regulations and always covering Fix-Up Labour & Material Costs.

Location Due Diligence should narrow down to the Property Neighbourhood, an area within ¼ to ½ of the Property postcode.

Property Due Diligence should identify Comparable Properties, ideally fixed-up mirror images, within the same ¼ to ½ of the Property postcode.

Customer Due Diligence with both types of Customer, Buyer or Tenant, the Neighbourhood & the Property will have a strong long-term influence.

Funding Due Diligence, there are many ways of paying for an Investment Property from Cash through to a high LTV Mortgage and as you progress to a high LTV Mortgage you may use Bridging Finance particularly if you are buying an Auction Property where it is essential that you have at least 10% of your maximum bid available on Auction Day and the balance available generally 28 days later. Failure to pay puts you in Breach of Contract with heavy penalties.

When buying at auction, your thorough Due Diligence must be completed within 3/4 weeks, the period between Catalogue Publication & Auction Day.

To assist you in quickly carrying out comprehensive thorough Due Diligence, we have designed 7 Reports & Analysers some of which include a degree of duplication as each also includes common topics & calcs.

For Full Details click & go to Mastering Due Diligence

The Master Property Due Diligence Report which will guide you through the whole process, raising the questions that you need to answer.

The Location Due Diligence Report is a Flexible Template which increases in size/pages as you enter more data. Starting with over 25 Data Headings, the Template is available at £49.00 with Help, Advice & Assistance available Online at £1.00 per Recorded Audio/Visual Minute through GoToMeeting.

CAD Floorplans. Regardless of your Strategy, accurate Floorplans are always helpful but become essential when carrying out any sort of Fix Up, particularly where you are trying to Add Value by renovating and re-designing the internal layout.

This example redesign is the Ground Floor of a 2 Floor, 3-bed End-Terraced house undergoing a Full Gut Fix Up. The Sitting & Dining room have been combined by removing the centre wall and sealing up a doorway.

The Conservatory at the rear of the property has been removed and the kitchen enlarged to create a large Kitchen/Breakfast Room with integral Cloakroom & Patio Doors leading out to the garden.

To demonstrate furnishing, with measurements, a Table & 4 chairs has been put in this room and can be seen on the Floorplan along with the Cloakroom Pan & Basin plus mm measurements. Measurements are not visible on the 3D version below

Planning Consent was not required, it was deemed Permitted Development, but the Redesign had to comply with Building Regulations which is always the case.

Other measurements include room sizes, window & door positions plus the positions, including measurements, of electric switches, sockets & lighting, and radiators.

These measurements help all trades in costing individual jobs that make up the project and estimating the materials needed and positioning furniture, fixtures & fittings.

The 3D clearly shows all fixtures, fittings & furnishings to scale giving everybody involved in the project a clear picture of your aims and objectives and why certain fixtures/furnishings are positioned where they are.

The 3D Floorplan is also a good Marketing tool for both a prospective Tenant & Buyer.

We offer a service of preparing CAD Floorplans based on measurements you enter in one of our Master CAD Online Templates.

Our Fees are based on the square metres of the property and whether electric, plumbing & furniture are included.

Our Fees are based on the floor area of the property subject to:

  • Minimum fee of £24.00 or 8 SqM of Basic Floor area.
  • 2D Basic Floorplan Fee is £3.00 per SqM
  • 3D Furnished Floorplan Fee is £5.00 per SqM.

When furniture is included, all the furniture appears in the 2D Floorplan, as shown by the long Dining Table in the example above and includes all measurements.

This illustrated project is 55.89 SqM per floor, a total of 111.78 SqM over the Ground & 1st Floors.

The Fee for this example would be 2D £335.00 & 3D £558.00, VAT inc..

It is unlikely that our CAD work will be exactly right in all respects after completion of the 1st design.

So our fee includes a 1-hour online recorded audio/visual consultation for making any adjustments so that you can achieve perfection.