Member Special Terms


essential information group, or EIG, as it is more commonly known, is the Foremost Auction Database Information Website in the UK.

Suffice to say we have been Members for many years and will remain so. EIG is our Principal Source of Research & Statistics

EIG not only provides a vast amount of Current & Historical Auction Information through their Website but also provides a Range of Essential Services to Most UK Auctioneers, so you will find EIG acknowledged on most Auctioneer Websites, and is a leading Authority on Online Auctioneering.

Example Special Terms: Even if you are thinking about only buying a Single Property at Auction, EIG Membership is still a must so the Minimum Membership available to Hot Lot Members is 3-Months at the Standard 1-Year Pro-rata Rate. Hot Lot Members only pay 11 Months for a 12 Month Membership.